Yoga is for Any Body and Any Brain

Well that is an odd title, but it's the truth. Our bodies are constantly changing shape and our brains are constantly changing states. 

No matter what body shape you have, or what state your brain is in, yoga is for you. Let me explain.

Our bodies are amazing. They can do so much more than we think. When it comes to yoga, your weight is irrelevant. Whether we have lots of curves or minimal ones, we can all do the same poses. Will they look the same? Probably not. Are they suppose to look the same? Absolutely not. Every pose is unique to each individual. Two people can have the correct alignment in a pose, and the pose will still look completely different. We are not all built the same, and that is what makes your yoga practice so beautiful. That is what makes you so beautiful. No one is you. Some people may take longer to learn more advanced poses, but the time that it takes is in no way correlated with your size, rather, it is correlated with your mind. 

Whether you tell yourself you can or can't do something, you're right. Whatever you tell your mind is what it will believe. If you say "I can't hold this any longer" you will fall. If you say "I got this, I can do it!" you will hold on a little longer. Our minds are the most incredible tools we have if we train ourselves to use them right. You may say, "well if that was true how come I can't do a handstand even when I tell myself I can?". Great question, it's because your brain does not act independently, it is integrated with the body and you must train the two to work together. Use your brain to think positively about your handstand success, but then use your mind to bring yourself to your mat and practice. We can't just think, we must think and do. It may sound a little confusing, but here's what it comes down to... If you think you can do a handstand and you practice your handstands, you will be able to do a handstand. If you think you can't do a handstand and you practice your handstands, you won't be able to do a handstand. Basically, your body will never do what your brain tells it it can't.

As complex or as annoying as this idea may seem at first, this is why we need yoga. Yoga merges the brain and the body. It teaches us how to allow them to work in harmony, how to believe in ourselves, how to push ourselves, and how to breathe through things even we can't believe.

Start to notice your self-talk on and off your mat. Are your words uplifting and positive, or judgemental and negative? How does your body respond based on what you told yourself? You may notice that you become more reflective and aware of these patterns simply from having read this and allowing it to sink into your subconscious, but try to be conscious and identify the cycles you create for yourself. 

Stop making excuses, start making changes.

Xo, Christina

Christina DeFranco