Loving What You Do is Non-Negotiable

Let's talk about your job.

Do you like your job? Actually, do you LOVE your job?

So often we get caught up in the story of having to stay stuck in our current career, or settling for a specific job because we have no other choice. Yes, there may be a time when you need to do jobs you don't like to support yourself and your family (especially if you have people dependent on you), but it doesn't mean you're stuck there forever. We get lost in the rat race of life, the days melt into weeks, and then months, and then years. Before you know it, you've dug yourself into a hole of unhappiness, where you're simply trying to survive.

I don't want you to survive, I want you to thrive. 

Whether you've lost the spark for something you once loved, or never liked your job much in the first place, you CAN do something about it. You can learn to pivot. 

Maybe it's starting small while you're still in your current job. Maybe you're starting a jewelry business in the evenings, or taking night classes for the new degree you want to get. Yes, it may require extra work at first, but the next 12 months of struggling to free yourself for the next 12 years is worth it. You are worth it. 

Stop making excuses and start working towards the life you want.

If you don't have anyone who is dependent on you then you really have no excuses. You are choosing to stay stuck in something that is making you unhappy. I understand that that is hard to hear, but be honest with yourself, it's a choice you are making.

My work story use to be dictated by my scarcity mindset. I was fearful of never having enough money, so I would work and work and work and work. I stayed in jobs because I was good at them and I got paid, not because I loved them. You may be wondering what's so wrong with that... well for starters, I wasn't happy, I didn't LOVE what I did, and as a result it was draining all of my energy.

With time I began to realize that I would be able to help so many more people, and do so much more good if I was doing what I was passionate about. I changed my story to tell myself that I was WORTHY of doing what set my soul on fire.

Maybe what makes you happy won't make you as much money, or maybe it will take you longer to get there, or maybe you're not even sure how to get there (yet). You have to learn to let go of your ego and know that your happiness is worth more than any amount of money. When you're doing a job that doesn't emotionally drain you, you are able to be more present for the beautiful moments with your friends and family, thus finding even MORE joy. 

This Summer I decided to work less and focus more on trying to create the life I really want to live. Has it been easy? No, not at all. I constantly fight my ego and my scarcity mindset because it is scary to know (and accept) that I am making less money than I have ever made. However, I also know that my happiness is worth more than any amount of money, and I believe in myself. 

Know your worth, trust yourself, and stop staying stuck in your story.

Xo, Christina 

Christina DeFranco