Stop Getting Sick, Slow Down.

Do you take time for yourself?

Sometimes we feel things more than we anticipated. Sometimes the smallest things can hurt us so deeply. Sometimes we are upset and we have no idea why.

All of that is okay. It's okay to not be okay.

Don't suppress your emotions because society tells you to "suck it up". "Sucking it up" does not make you strong. Start to feel into every emotion. When you can process everything you're feeling and then move on after it's all said and done, that is what really makes you strong. 

It is actually easier to not feel anything, to ignore all the uncomfortable emotions arising within you. However, taking the easy route will not help you in the long run. Eventually, you will have no more space to store the unprocessed emotions and they will begin to eat away at you. This creates an imbalance in your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body which will result in illness.

When our beings become too overwhelmed our bodies start to shut down to try and protect you. You may see this as an inconvenience, but really your body is sending you very important signs. The more you ignore these signs, the worse you will get. As a very minor example, think about the last time you had a cold. When you take a day or two off too rest, your body is abel to get better much faster. The times when we don't take time off we often find ourselves with a lingering running nose or dry cough that seems to take weeks to go away. When we are sick like this, it is a sign from our bodies that we need to slow down. When you don't listen, your body is reluctant to heal. 

So take time for you. Slow down and feel your emotions. Focus on staying balanced.

Xo, Christina

Christina DeFranco