Why You Should Be Your Only Comparison

It can be so easy to compare ourselves to other people. With the new age of technology you can scroll for hours on social media taking in everyone else's highlight reels. 

Have you ever found yourself saying "I wish I looked like that" or "She always has the newest things". We are constantly being subjected to comparisonitis, whether we're conscious of it or not.

Comparisons are the fast track to unhappiness. No one is you, and you cannot be anyone else. Everyone has their own unique gifts and when we become so focused on other people's gifts, we begin to lose sight of our own.

As we compare ourselves to other people, whether they're in our day-to-day lives, or online, we lower our own vibration and start to compromise our self-esteem and self-worth. Instead, we need to celebrate and support other people's success, but also realize that not everything is as it seems. People show and share the good parts of their lives, which gives us an unrealistic perspective of how their life actually is. Keeping perspective can be extremely difficult, especially when we rarely see the low points of others lives, but experience ours everyday. This can lead to distorted views of comparison between others lives and our own. 

This is why you should be your only comparison. 

Compare and reflect on your own emotions, your own behaviours, and your own success. Ask yourself if you're improving, are you more in tune with your authentic self as the days go by, are you happy, are you reaching your goals, etc. Use your past self as the only thing you measure your current self against. Become your own motivation, be so driven to improve because you want to be happier, you know you're worth it, and you believe in yourself. 

STOP deciding to lose weight because your friend on Instagram looks so skinny and fit. START losing weight because you want to be healthier and you deserve to feel better.

STOP deciding to purchase that new handbag simply to show it off on social media. START buying the handbag in the unusually pattern that reminds your of your aunt and makes you smile. 

Really become conscious of why you are making certain decisions in your life.

  • Is it to make you happy, or someone else?

  • Will it only make you happy in the short term, or the long term too?

  • What are your reasons/intentions?

These are just a few questions you can pose to yourself to make sure you are making decisions for yourself and your best interest, rather than as a result of comparisonitis. 

STOP comparing your life to others, be grateful for your own gifts and find your true happiness. 

Xo, Christina

Christina DeFranco