Free Yourself From Fear

As humans, we think we are in control of everything.

“If I cross the street when it says ‘walk’ then I will be safe.” except for the fact that you could still get hit by a car.

“If I work really hard and come in early then they won’t let me go.” except for the fact that sometimes there just isn't enough money and they have to let you go.

“If I eat healthy and workout 5 times a week then I won’t have a heart attack” except for the fact you could still have a heart attack.

Don’t get me wrong, we have the ability to make choices, and every choice comes with outcomes of guessable probabilities, however, there is still the small possibility that what you are trying to avoid could still happen.

What I’m getting at here is FEAR. Fear can be helpful, it can help motivate us to go to the gym, eat healthy, follow safety rules, and work harder, but fear can also be debilitating. It can prevent us from living and doing things we’ve always wanted to do. We need learn to allow fear to help us, but not hinder us.

Where in your life are you allowing fear to hold all of the control? No matter how much you try to stay in control and do the right thing to ease your fears, the reality is that the thing you’re most afraid of could happen anyways. We can’t control everything, no matter how much we want too. So ask yourself, would you be happier if you freed yourself from the fear? If you stopped living inside the lines, and wandered outside of the confinement for a moment.

This is not an invitation to eat doughnuts and pizza the rest of your life and hope that your never get sick, or to slack off at work because you may get fired anyways, or never follow rules because who cares if you get hit by a car… but rather it is to wake you up from the chains you’ve put yourself in. It is an invitation to become more aware of the fear-based stories you are allowing to hold you back in your life. These stories may stem from trauma from your past, things you’ve heard that has happened to other people, beliefs you were taught as a kid, or many other places.

We don’t have to, and can’t, allow fear to control our lives any longer. Break free of fear you’ve held onto, and start living life for you.

Xo, Christina

Christina DeFranco