E-BOOK: How to Sequence Yoga Flows: A Guide for Teachers and At-Home Yogis

E-BOOK: How to Sequence Yoga Flows: A Guide for Teachers and At-Home Yogis


This e-book is designed for yoga teachers and self-taught yogis. It will teach you how to create seamless yoga flows that bring you and/or your students ease and peace.

In the book I share The Ultimate Teaching Template that can be applied to any yoga class. This is the exact formula I use to create my yoga classes, and the formula I wish I had when I began my at-home yoga practice.

Common questions this guide will resolve are:

  • How do I pick a class theme?

  • Which pose should go after which?

  • How do I make poses flow smoothly?

  • How do I make sure everyone is properly warmed up?

  • How do I make sure my flows aren’t boring and have a purpose?

  • How do I infuse my personality into my flows?

  • How do I adapt/modify my flows?

You will also receive two BONUS features:

  1. A printable class building template + a FULL example of one of my classes using this template.

  2. A yoga playlist that will show you how to sync your music to your yoga flows.

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Once you purchase the e-book you will get an email with a link to download the e-book. When you open the link, you have 24 hours until it expires. I recommend making two downloads and storing one on a USB or external drive in case something ever happens to your device.

An email with your BONUS printable Class Plan PDF will be sent to you within 24 hours.

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